My Little Garden Cabin Tour

A lot of folks have asked me about my garden cabin. I wrote a piece about it in my latest book The Gardener’s Chairside Reader.

I built this little cabin last Spring after I had the idea to build something in which to be able to wash and process all of the fresh vegetables from my garden. I always seem to go overboard when I am doing things like this and it ended up being quite a project.

I wanted it to be built in style that the early German immigrants who settled in central Texas used when they first started out in the late 1800’s. Their style usually included a tall and steep roof line and large windows. One thing led to another and eventually I added a porch also which is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy my garden.

Inside the little cabin I added a beautiful old antique farm sink so I could wash my produce. Among other things I use my cabin to store gardening tools and supplies.

I also installed a small solar power system as the cabin is off-grid. I use this for some small interior lights and to have electricity to run a few power tools when needed. So far everything has worked out wonderfully.

Lastly, I have enjoyed my cabin so much that I intend to enlarge it a bit so that I can have a bed and small bathroom. After that is completed next year it will become nap central for me and the pups!


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One thought on “My Little Garden Cabin Tour”

  1. What a lovely garden you have! That sink reminds me of what I grew up using at our house. Thank you for sharing your photos.

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