A Typical Day In My Life As A Writer

6:00AM I wake up and slug down 2 cups of coffee and sit in bed with my laptop trying to get some actual real news from the media outlets

7:30AM Help my wife get off to work and pour some more coffee

8:00AM I sit in my library/office and check email, social stuff, and then I check my book sales stats to see if I can actually afford that new refrigerator yet. (nope)

8:30AM I freehand write mental notes of my to-do list on sticky pads. I also try to plan out my day’s chores and try to get a sense of what my week ahead should accomplish.

9:00AM Since my creativity is at it’s peak in the mornings, I try to write at least 2000 words in my latest book. I usually play jazz music on my phone nearby while my old dog sleeps under my desk on my feet. I have a terrible habit of cruising the kitchen pantry for various snacks during this time while I am mentally outlining my book’s chapter. Food is a vital part of my writing.

11:30AM I am always surprised at how fast time passes while I am writing. I always seem to have the same emotions of, “Why do I spend so much time at my computer?” on writing days, yet I resign myself to the fact that I simply love what I do for a living and I am thankful instead.

12:00 I may or may not eat lunch. My wife always gripes when I do not eat, but if she saw the pile of cookies that I just ate an hour ago, she would understand why I am not hungry now. I usually go for a walk out to my garden and cabin and sit on the porch.

12:30PM While sitting on the porch at my garden cabin, I ponder heavy thoughts such as the meaning of life as it seems to be the proper thing to do while enjoying a lunchtime cigar.

1:00PM Back at the computer, I try to spend the rest of my afternoon working on blog posts like this one, I usually make another cup of coffee and try to take care of various business chores, and pay bills etc.


4:00 My wife is preparing to leave work, so I usually cook dinner for her and try to have it ready when she gets home. Since we have a menagerie of dogs and cats, they get fed also and this takes time.

6:00 We sit down to eat in front of the TV (YouTube stuff usually), and after dinner I go for another walk around my ranch. The rest of our evening is usually filled with family time and just enjoying my wife’s company.

10:00PM Off to bed finally…

I live a ordinary life pretty much like anyone else. I have my good days and my bad days too. Folks always seem to think that writers are reclusive introverts who dislike people and drink tons of coffee and never comb their hair. You know what? It’s true!


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