Memories of Fall

It’s a balmy 83 deg. outside today as I write this post. The weather is sunny and beautiful and I hope that this is the last hurrah of summer. One thing I have noticed in my part of the world is that you can always tell when the weather is about to change seasons or “break” as we like to say here in the South. Tonight a strong cold front is about to blow through and tomorrow will be much cooler.

Fall always brings a touch of sadness to my heart. Years ago my Father who was an avid outdoorsman, was dying of Cancer at about this time of year. Once, when I was driving him to his cancer treatments, we were passing through the beautiful woods near our home on a crisp and cool autumn day. He mentioned that this kind of weather always made him want to get out into the woods. I choked back a tear as we both knew that was never going to happen again. He passed away a month or so later.

These days, fall weather makes me want to get out into the woods also. I inherited my Father’s love for the outdoors and I do try to make it a point to spend a few moments here and there just walking and admiring the beautiful scenery and nature at my feet. It’s always amazing to just sit very still in the woods for a period of time nearly motionless. Eventually the birds and other animals around you will ignore your presence and they will start acting naturally again. What you see then among the life around you will warm your heart and recharge your spirit in how our world around us really works.

Dad, your spirit lives on inside of me and it is my hope that somehow, someway, you are able to see through my eyes, the glory of fall and “getting out into the woods again.”

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