Vermiculture – I’ve Got Worms

Yep you heard that right, I’ve got worms. Nearly 5000 of them! For those who have never heard about vermiculture (raising composting worms), you are missing out on probably the fastest way to produce super-rich compost!

Worm farming is super easy, fun for the kiddo’s, and the best benefit of all are the bags of super good organic compost for your gardens and flowers. The worms consume your kitchen scraps and the poop. A Lot! Their poop is called worm castings and it is the actual compost.

I wrote a small E-book explaining how to build a nice 3-tier worm bin so you can also raise your own worms. I keep my bins inside my workshop which is temperature controlled, and they are happy there. They are very clean, hygienic, and produce zero odors. I feed them every few days and spray their bedding with water from a squirt bottle to keep it moist. That’s all I ever do and my worm colonies have been thriving for years. The benefits of using the worm castings have been well documented over the years and those who use it rave about the results with their plants just like me!

If you want to build your own worm bin and get started for yourself, take a look at my book and inside are complete building plans and instructions for beginners.

Here’s the link to the book;

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