Questions & Answers often asked…

  • Who is Bud Brinkley? I amĀ  61 years old (geesh, what have I done with my life?), married, no kids, and I live in Texas. I am retired and I write books full time mostly.


  • Where can I purchase your books? All of my books are available on and many are at a local bookstore near you. If your bookstore does not have my books, ask them to order it for you from their IngramSpark catalogue.


  • How can I get a sample of your work? You can receive a sample chapter by subscribing to my newsletter. It will be sent to the Email address that you provided.


  • What is in your newsletter? Well mostly it’s news of upcoming releases of my newest work, along with information about giveaways ( I do a lot of those), where I may be appearing publicly, things of that nature. I try to make my newsletter informative and useful. Sometimes I ask my readers what they would like to see me write about in future works. I always value my reader’s time, their input, and help.


  • How often do you update your blog? I try to post in my blog as often as possible, but I do have a normal life so there is no set schedule. Sometimes I have to mow the grass and run errands just like everyone else. But I do try to keep it current and up to date.